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Coyote Canyon can also book special events and horseback rides for large or small groups - private or corporate. These events can range from a private traditional Mexican rodeo and fiesta, to a privatized evening at one of San Miguel's outlying hot spring thermal baths, complete with catered dinner, live music, African drummers, fire dancers, acrobats, and fireworks display, as well as trail rides for as many as 75 rides at one time.

Book a romantic moonlight horseback ride in downtown San Miguel or in the canyon; or camping trip, complete with candlelit dinner, three-dozen beautiful roses, and a live mariachi serenade. We also can provide horses and burros to incorporate into your ceremony or procession.

If you have a wedding planner or someone in San Miguel that is helping you with the wedding plans, we would be happy to take them riding with us as a familiarization trip.  Secondly, if you would like for us to send you a photo/video CD presentation, just e-mail us back with your address.

Also check our special service for Carriages with Percherons to give your event a unique magical twist!!
However, if you elect to expand your package to include a ‘Fiesta Mexicana’, rather than simply riding back to the homestead from the cliffs we drive a herd of 50-100 head of cattle back to the homestead with us. This experience really makes you feel like one of the cowboys, and is a great climax at the end of an already exciting and emotional ride. After herding the cattle into the main corral we dismount and enjoy some refreshments before making our way to a ¼ mile drag strip where the cowboys unsaddle their horses and race them bareback in pairs amidst the cheers from onlookers. Here we get to see just how fast these horses can run, and after several of these races we offer the most adventurous (and experienced) of our guests a chance to race against each other (with saddles of course).

The drive up to the ranch is quite scenic as it takes us about 600 feet above San Miguel, giving us a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, hillsides, valleys, and lowlands. Right before reaching our destination, we have a chance to visit see an Otomi pyramid that is approximately 1600 years old. This is the main archaeological site for this region and has just opened to the public, though there is still a team of archaeologists working on the site.

Once at the ranch we give our groups a brief introduction to the ranch and its history and then divide the group into four parts to correspond with four stations: milking, cheese making, ranch school visit, and the pre-ride restroom break. After the ranch visit you are given the necessary instruction for the horseback riding excursion. Then we divide up the group into beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders, and set off on horseback over the plains and rolling hillsides, amongst the cattle on our way to the canyon/river valley.

Upon reaching the edge of the canyon we begin our descent which lasts for forty-five minutes and leads us all the way to the canyon’s bottom where we find the river bed. From this point we begin to ride along the canyon bottom, crossing the river bed at several points and stopping at several scenic rest stops to admire the spectacular views surrounding us. At about the halfway point, deep within the winding canyon bottom, we congregate to share a very special campfire meal, and a couple of ice cold beers. We settle around three or four campfires, and while your cowboy guides prepare your meal. There are lots of laughs at this point as the participants share their experiences and emotions. It is important to note that this experience is far from being what a typical trail ride is; it is a horseback adventure, which although suitable for all ages and completely novice riders, is quite impressive, even for the most experienced riders. It is the perfect combination of dramatic scenery, a rough and varied trail, highly experienced cowboys, and amazingly sure-footed and tame horses.
After having our campfire meal, we saddle up again and begin to work our way up, winding along the canyon’s side, until reaching its upper rim. At this final scenic rest stop we find ourselves perched on the edge of 150 foot sheer cliffs, with an incredible view of the entire canyon, and its surrounding mountains. This is definitely the most impressive of all the vistas, which is why we save it for last. From this point we make our final stretch back to the homestead and then on to San Miguel.

After this activity we head back to the homestead where a smorgasbord of traditional Mexican food awaits us. As our guests sample all the different dishes, the ranch style music plays, and we invite anyone interested to try their hand at roping some of the cattle in the main corral. Here we also can organize a few games which we affectionately refer to as the “Olimpiadas Rancheras” ( the Ranch-style Olympics), which include silly competitions like donkey races, “Futbol Gallito” (like soccer, but chasing a chicken), as well as others. When you combine these activities with an open bar, you basically end up with everyone in the group doubling over with laughter before heading back to San Miguel. 

But if your group requires even more action and adventure to finish off the day, then you can opt for an additional ranch-style rodeo, complete with professional bulls, riders, and team ropers!  A great adrenaline filled spectacle. So, that’s it!  Whether you choose the basic package, or all the possible options, we promise no less than a once in a lifetime experience that your guests will surely love. Contact us regarding pricing of these special group activities. If you would like for us to send you a photo/video CD presentation, just e-mail us with your address.


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  • Large Groups/Corporate Groups
    Three of the most popular activities for large groups are the half day horseback riding excursion, the Fiesta Mexicana and Ranch-style rodeo. We begin with our ‘Mexican Horseback Adventure’. This activity can be tailored to varying lengths depending on your particular group’s budget and itinerary. The basic package consists of a ranch tour + a half day horseback riding excursion. The horseback trail riding takes place throughout several working cattle ranch that lie due west of San Miguel. On these horseback excursions we are able to ride throughout 4,000+ acres of beautiful Mexican countryside. 

    Coyote Canyon Adventures also offers a unique and unforgettable experience in a traditional Mexican rach, designed especially for corporate groups, integration and teambuilding experiencesand in general for all types of groups that meets in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende for work or fun purposes.

    The activities that we propose will help you meet your business goals, which in some cases will be fun and entertainment out in the nature, and in other cases will be learning, improving group cohesion or emphasize teamwork and self-improvement .

    We can accommodate ourselves to your schedule, needs and special requests. We can give you the prices for hosting packages, including accommodation,  all meals, boardroom with projector and 'coffee break' and of course all the leisure activities and special events for your group. We can adapt to all budgets.

    Our promise is a day of stunning scenarios, fun activities, delicious food and exciting exploration of the wilderness of San Miguel de Allende. These are activities for groups from 15 to 75 people. For larger groups, you can take turns for the activities.

    Please consult all our options via E-mail ( or by telephone, from 9am to 8pm, at 415 154 4193 or 153 5005 045-415.

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