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Walk through sacred grounds at the Cañada de la Virgen archaeological site and explore this ancient astronomical clock and calendar which is the pyramid

Join us as we traverse these historical grounds in a 5 hour tour to and from San Miguel de Allende, the 5 hours encompass the transportation to the pyramid and back, a delicious ranch style meal, a short visit to the museum and a 3km hike around the archaeological site.

*** Archaeological Site Closed on Monday ***

Duration: 5hrs to and from San Miguel de Allende

With Lunch (Highly recommended): $1,600 MX per person
Without Lunch: $1,350 MX per person

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  • Bilingual guide
  • Ranch style lunch (optional)
  • Transportation
  • Insurance

Recommended Apparel:
  • Close toed shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen

What to NOT wear:
  • Sandals, crocs, or any other open toed shoe
  • Heels
  • Heavy coats
  • Dress (in case of windy day

  • Pyramid tour + Half day horseback ride – $3,650 MX per person
  • Pyramid tour + Hot Springs – $2,450 MX per person
  • Pyramid tour + Hike – $2,800 MX per person

Our adventure begins by picking you up at our offices in downtown San Miguel de Allende and driving you out to the museum where we will board the official INAH transports that will take us the rest of the way to the pyramid. The transports will drop us off 1km away from the archaeological site, as you walk the guide will give ample information about the surrounding area. Once we arrive at the pyramid, we will explore the 3 complexes.

Complex A, termed ‘The House of the Thirteen Heavens’, served as a horizon clock, an observatory and a burial ground for the elite. It is aligned to the rising and setting sun and the movements of Jupiter and Venus at auspicious moments related to the Otomi calendar, the people the researchers believe built the place. Also discover Complex B, ‘The House of the Longest Night’, and Complex D, ‘The House of the Wind’, and the many mysteries related to these structures. 

Though there are guides on site at the pyramid, they are counselors, locals trained by INAH that only speak Spanish and have only a basic knowledge of the pyramid complex.

The picture to the right shows an amazing discovery made by the director of Coyote Canyon Adventures, Rodrigo Landeros, with the aid of an app in his smartphone. It shows the perfect alignment of the Sun, the Moon and all but one planet in our Solar System at sunset during the Otomi New Year's Eve, March 4th 2011. The missing planet, Saturn, was located exactly 180º from the setting sun, just at the visual beginning of the ritual causeway to the site. 

Our guides can tell you more about it and about the uniqueness of the ancient human remains discovered at the site.

After walking back to the transports, we will take you to a nearby ranch where we are greeted with a delicious traditional ranch style meal prepared fresh at one of the homesteads. You will be served fresh cheese made that very morning, organic beans, quesadillas, nopales (cactus), freshly made tortillas, rice, salad, potato with egg, guacamole and salsas.