San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
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Experience the ranch life as you collect chicken eggs and milk goats, then ride through a beautiful canyon and have a delicious lunch along the riverbed

Join us on our full day excursion which lasts 8 hours to and from San Miguel de Allende, the 8 hours encompass the transportation to the ranch and back, a delicious ranch style breakfast and lunch, an in depth riding class and 3.5 – 5 hours of riding time with a short break in the middle and a 1 hour break where we have lunch and go swimming. We will be riding though 2 working cattle ranches so don’t forget to bring your best cowboy hat!
This is our most fun-filled full-day family adventure. Apart from the spectacular horseback riding you will have the opportunity to explore Coyote Canyon and its surrounding region much more extensively and you will also get to participate in other activities like chasing and capturing chickens and searching for eggs, having a traditional ranch-style breakfast, and taking an in-depth class on basic horsemanship

Duration: 8hrs to and from San Miguel de Allende (tailored to group)

$3,350 MX per person

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  • Bilingual guide
  • Ranch activities
  • Breakfast
  • Ranch style lunch
  • Transportation
  • Water bottle
  • Insurance

Recommended Apparel:
  • Jeans or other pants
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Close toed shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Light sweater

What to NOT wear:
  • Sandals, crocs, or any other open toed shoe
  • Shorts
  • Heels
  • Skirts or dresses

  • Full day horseback ride + Rappel – $4,000 MX

Our adventure begins by picking you up at our offices in downtown San Miguel de Allende and driving you out to San Agustin Gonzales where we will visit one of the households and collect chicken eggs. We will then go to a pen with goats and if possible, you will be able to milk a few goats. After the ranch activities, the cooks will teach you to make tortillas and fresh salsa which we will eat for breakfast.

We then take you to Boca de la Cañada where your guide will give you a 10 min riding class. Any questions you may have after the class are promptly answered and you are then paired with your horse by our 4th generation cowboys, please note that these horses all take kids as young at 2 years old and people up to 85, they are all very tame and extremely well behaved. Once everyone’s stirrups are adjusted, we are off on our adventure.

We start by riding along the base of the canyon and have various opportunities to cross the river where you may get your feet wet, depending on the season, and you can give your horse a drink of water if they are thirsty. Throughout the ride there are several opportunities to gallop if you feel inclined to try, if not, a cowboy will stay behind and walk with those who would rather take it easy.

We will then begin our ascent until we reach the highest point of the canyon where you have the opportunity to rappel off The White Cliffs, our 50-meter (150 foot) cliffs (please let us know in advance if you would like to rappel). There we take a short beak to stretch our legs and snap some breathtaking photos of Coyote Canyon. The horseback riding portion of this excursion follows the same general route as the half-day excursion, except with more time for a deeper exploration of the canyon.

After the break we continue along the plains where you may see cattle roaming and cowboys herding them. We will then begin our winding descent to the base of the canyon where we will once again come to the river we crossed earlier. There we will take a longer break and you may go hiking or swimming as the cowboys prepare a delicious campfire meal for you to enjoy.

After the second break we have different length trails which you can choose from in the moment. There will be a few more opportunities to gallop if you would like to do so and we’ll cross the river a few more times as we return to the stables. This is a great family-oriented adventure that is a very special experience for everyone.

No riding experience is necessary to participate in our horseback adventures. Our horses are the most well tamed that you can hope to find anywhere in the world. Clients will receive a comprehensive introduction to horseback riding along with the proper security measures to ensure both a safe and exciting ride. Kids will be properly secured to their horses with a special harness and we will provide helmets upon request.